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As per Wikepedia, Greta Thunberg, born on January 3 2003, is a Swedish environmental activist who is known for challenging world leaders to take immediate action for climate change mitigation.


A picture is worth a thousand words

What Wikepedia is not saying is that Greta is a MARXIST.  She has given the appearance of a child being exploited by the Oligarchs, in the same way as children in Hollywood are exploited first by their parents and then by the industry itself.  

Thunberg's handlers are the same kind of ilks who
SEX TRAFFIC CHILDREN for their own gain and profit. Her handlers are also the same people in control of the banks.  Read more HERE 

As celebrities are positioned to influence people to go against moral laws, so is Thunberg who comes from a troubled childhood. 

Thunberg was most likely traumatized as a child, by a NARCISSISTIC MOTHER, who did not have the capacity to bond properly with her daughter, due in part by her own selfish need for stardom. Greta's basic need for attention and for love was ignored.

Greta became the parent for a mother in need herself of a mother.  

A disease passed on from GENERATION TO GENERATION.

Many people identify with poor Greta because many people carry a
NARCISSISTIC WOUND passed on by their mothers'. 

The madness continues because most people cannot recognize and admit of their own narcissism and mental illness causing their children deprivation of God's love for them. 

And contrary to popular opinion that the young generation of today are more awaken than in the past, I would submit that children are worse off, as in general they have been robbed from Christian moral laws and moral codes.    

Since Trump has taken office in 2016, we have witnessed the LEFT taking on the streets and violently protesting against anything that carries moral values. (TRUMP, who in my opinion is controlled opposition, used social media to lament, but as the commander in Chief, aided and abetted the violence on the streets.)

The understanding of FREEDOM is as distorted as the previous generations. 

The Greta of this world do not believe in the Order of the Universe, just like their parents and grand-parents. 

And just like their parents, who do not have the capacity for SELF-EXAMINATION, so are the children.

We cannot deny anymore that science has taken the place of God. It has become the new religion for most people. As a result, moral values are pushed under the bus for SELF-GRATIFICATION, which is equated to FREEDOM, causing addictions from sex to food, money, and to anorexia. 

Using Greta to persuade people that baby boomers are the culprit of "CLIMATE CHANGE" is by in large ignorant at best. But since Greta made the cover of Time Magazine she must be credible.  This goes to show you that the DESIRE to fit in and follow trends take precedents OVER REASON and COMMON SENSE. 

Pray for Greta's conversion and for all the Greta's out there hooked up to new age movement and self-gratification. 

You can read more HERE ​Josephine © February 2020, naturalhealthprotocol 

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