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Yoga & Its Dangers

Yoga & Its Dangers


“Yoga is a method of spiritual training whose purpose is to integrate or unite the self. 

A physical exercise, its goal is nonphysical-uniting with a deity. 

Yoga teaches that people should attempt to yoke the individual spirit to God, to atman - the individual soul or essence of a person - and to Brahman.” (Kenneth Shouler, Ph.D. & Susai Anthony, The Everything Hinduism Book pg. 10)


The spiritual aspect behind Yoga is extremely dangerous and incompatible with Chistianity. 

Aleister Crowley, who was a Master Satanist & 33° Freemason embraced Yoga because the spiritual practice allowed demonic spirits to enter his body (See: Eight Lectures on Yoga, Aleister Crowley).

Yoga, like the wellness industry more broadly, has become a form of secular “religion.”

As the authors of The Wellness Syndrome, Carl Cederstrom and André Spicer, put it, “Wellness has become an ideology.”  

Every positions and stretching exercise done in yoga is a representation of a different deity. 


The answer is No.

For some reason many aren't even aware that Yoga *by its standard definition* is about spirituality, not simply about stretching.

If you're looking to simply do stretch exercises without the spirituality then by the standard definition you aren't doing yoga.

Scripture nor Sacred Tradition does not teach that stretch exercises are sinful.

BUT if you're in a class that's filled with things like new age mysticism, getting in contact with the "divine", emptying your mind, saying some pagan Hindu chants etc, then you're participating in sin and it'll open room for the demonic to enter into your life (1 Peter 5:8).

These are doctrines of demons (1 Timothy 4:1). If one does not abide in the teachings of Jesus then they do not have God (2 John 1:9).

Yoga philosophy is demonic in nature. 

​As per Father Chad Ripperger, yoga is a portal to demonic possession/obsession. ​

Connection with God does not come through yoga.

True connection to God is through faith and obedience to Christ within His Church. 

As a result, I do not recommend yoga at all.


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