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Baby-Formula OR Not?

I am told that as early as two years old, I started getting sick. I recall being hospitalized for a week, given intravenous, due to a virus that left me between life and death.

Fifty some years ago, hospitals would not allow family members to stay overnight. Hence, l vividly remember, each evening when my mom would leave the hospital, I would yell and cry myself to sleep. ​It was an awful and very, very painful time. ​The feeling of abandonment was horrific, more than the virus itself giving rise to inner traumas that produced unnecessary anxieties and fear. ​The attachment and bond with my mom was cut off momentarily although it felt like years. ​Early experiences can have an impact not only with developing skills as adults but also, the gut never forgets. Please read more here on What is Attachment Theory? Bowlby's 4 Stages Explained Today, most hospitals have removed these restrictions on visiting hours! While positive changes seemingly have been made throughout the years concerning children, pediatricians still advise parents that, in order to build immunity, kids have to get sick! Problem with this statement is that many adults have poor immune system and most of these adults, like myself, were once children that were often sick. So where is the rationale? According to Dr. Larry Wilson, babies and children on a Nutritional Balancing Program rarely, if ever, get sick and when they do, infections do not last. The babies who do get sick on the program, is due to some foods that is fed to them too early to start with. This makes sense to me because as a baby, who was often sick, my diet consisted mostly of grains and carbs and only small amount of cooked veggies. Very little good fat, if any in my diet. As most babies, I was fed solids, by advise of our doctor, starting at the age of less than 6-months old. This practice, by the way, has not changed. In the fifties new born babies were given baby formula at the hospital and mothers were discouraged to ever breast feed. Doctors would advise against it. In fact, breastfeeding in the Western world declined significantly from the late 1800s to the 1960s. ​By the 1950s, the predominant attitude to breastfeeding was that is was something practiced by the uneducated and those of lower classes. The practice of breast feeding was considered old-fashioned and "a little disgusting" for those who could not afford infant formula and discouraged by medical practitioners and media of the time. ​Letters and editorials to Chatelaine from 1945 to as late as 1995 regarding breastfeeding were predominately negative. This basically means that our mothers, grand-mothers and possibly great grand-mothers, were not breastfed. ​The establishment persuaded women then that processed baby-formula was better than mothers' milk and that any mother going against the grain would be regarded as ignorant and downright stupid.

Today, the establishment advises mothers to breastfeed their babies no more than one-year old and to feed their babies solid foods as early as 6-months old, which in my opinion is downright unconscionable. Unfortunately many mothers' buy into what their doctors tell them because nursing a baby for 2 to 3-years without solid foods, can be difficult on the mother. However, the first years of a child's life is what sets him or her up for the rest of their lives. Just like when building a house, for example. A good engineer always builds a structure with integrity - that is to say, the building is built in a way in which it can support the structure without failure. Our body is comparable. A baby needs the best nourishment found in the mother's milk and he or she needs the proper emotional bond that occurs during the growing process, in order to have proper secure attachment throughout their lives. Without these components, children are bound to get sick often wherein their immune system is compromised. According to Dr. Wilson, he claims most all children today are born with significant levels of at least a dozen toxic metals in their bodies. Children are also ALL nutritional deficient...even if the mother and father do their best to eat healthfully. This gives rise to a myriad of health problems in babies and children today, from simple rashes and infections to birth defects, premature deliveries, delayed development, autism, cancers, behavior disorders, and much much more. We sometimes refer to today’s babies and children as burnout babies. This sounds very negative, but it is actually very accurate. I am a direct product of a baby that was not fed properly, as my parents, grand-parents and great grandparents were not either - it's a generational problem. In my opinion, the only way to stop this, is for everyone, including men, to start becoming more responsible and accountable for their own health and health of their families. Relying on the establishment, who often give ill advise to their patients regarding their health and the health of children, is not always good practice and it can often lead to mistakes that cannot be rectified. Thus try to not only look for answers from MD's but do your own research. Begin to eat better foods and less foods that causes health issues. This is not to say that doctors are not useful because they are. They are NOT however educated on nutrition and are not in favor of natural healing for many reasons, one of which is commerce. It all boils down at taking responsibility for your health and the health of your family. Developing a relationship with God is crucial for good health. And while a life of holiness is more important than a life free of disease, always pray for healing and pray even more that you might come as close to Our Lord as you are. By Josephine Holistic Health Consultant © revised January 2022

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